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Aluminum Factory

Seeking further development and following the company's various ventures abroad, its management felt the need to develop the construction materials market in the Kingdom, which is why it established a factory for aluminum and glass products to meet the growing demand for aluminum, windows, doors and glass in the Saudi and GCC markets. The factory was established with the latest technology and it is managed by a team trained by top experts in this field. This team is supervised by an engineering staff that will ensure the highest quality in implementation with a five year guarantee for our products

Our Products
Window and door aluminum.
Glass interfaces.
Glass doors.
Barriers for windows )Shutters(
Our Services
Design: We adopt designs through experienced engineers and designers before we begin manufacturing. Design is an important part of our range of project implementation services.
Manufacturing: We adopt the most advanced aluminum and glass technologies under the supervision of a team of specialists.
Installation: We have a high level of efficiency, achievement and application of safety and security standards during installation of our products.
Quality Control: Quality control is carried out on all production and installation lines by specialized inspectors under the supervision of the factory's top management.
Warranty: We are committed to ensuring all our products with accredited warranty certificates